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We take the classic hearty dishes of India and prepare them in a signature style directed specifically to your taste. Use the menu below as a starting point for crafting your flavor experiences, and if you don't see your favorite dish just let us know.

Vegetarian Appetizers

  • Aloo Tikki
    Spicy potato patties
  • Assorted Pakoras
    Mixed vegetable fritters
  • Crispy Baby Corn
    Baby corn fried with crispy batter and Indian spices
  • Chili Pakoras
    Green chilies stuffed with Indian spices and deep fried
  • Hari Tiki
    Spicy spinach patties
  • Paneer Masala Tiki
    Spiced paneer patties
  • Paneer Kabab
    Homemade cheese cubes marinated with Indian spices and served with pepper
    and onion
  • Onion Pakora
    Onion fritters
  • Chaat Papri
    Diced potatoes and chickpeas in spicy sauce
  • Paneer Tikka
    Homemade cheese pieces marinated and grilled
  • Paneer Pakora
    Four pieces of fried homemade Indian cheese nuggets
  • Paneer Chaat
    Homemade cheese cubes stir fried with bell pepper and onion
  • Potato Vada
    Spicy potato balls with chickpea coating
  • Vegetable Cutlet
    Potato and broccoli patties
  • Bhel Puri
    Cold appetizer made with chickpea noodles, puffed rice, onions, coriander leaves topped with chutney and lemon juice
  • Vegetable Pakora
    Spinach and onion fritters
  • Vegetable Samosas
    Triangle pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas
  • Mehdu Vada
    Fried lentils in donut shapes
  • Mysore Bonda
    Golden brown lentil dumplings
  • Potato Bonda
    Lentil dumplings with onion and potato
  • Rava Uppuma
    Diced vegetables in semolina

Lamb Appetizers

  • Botti Kabab
    Boneless pieces of tender lamb marinated in herbs and spices, cooked over charcoal in a clay oven
  • Goli Kabab
    Spicy lamb with yellow split peas
  • Keema Samosa
    Triangle pastries stuffed with ground lamb and green peas
  • Lamb Seekh Kabab
    Seasoned ground lamb cooked on skewers
  • Shami Kabab
    Ground lamb patty kababs cooked on skewers

Chicken Appetizers

  • Chicken Chaat
    A blend of succulent chicken strips, bell pepper, cucumber and onion sprinkled with chaat masala, served cold
  • Ginger Kabab
    Chunks of chicken marinated with ginger and Indian spices
  • Chicken Pakora
    Chicken pieces with chickpea coating
  • Chicken Tikka
    Marinated chicken cooked in a clay oven, served with green peppers and onion
  • Tandoori Chicken Wings
    Spicy chicken wings cooked tandoori style
  • Reshmi Kabab
    Grilled chicken tenders with yoghurt and spices

Seafood Appetizers

  • Fish Pakora
    Boneless fish marinated in spices and lemon juice and deep fried
  • Fish Tikka
    Fish marinated in tandoori masala and grilled
  • Prawn Pakora
    Shrimps delicately spiced and batter fried
  • Shrimp Tandoor
    Shrimp grilled & marinated in wine vinegar, garlic and special spices
  • Nawabi Patties
    Shrimp and fish mixed with Indian spices

Chicken Entrees

  • Chicken Vindaloo
    Boneless chicken cooked with potatoes in a special hot curry sauce
  • Chicken Jalfrasie
    Chicken cooked with vegetables and spices
  • Malaiwali Murghi
    Chunks of boneless chicken cooked with a fine selection of spices and herbs, with a touch of yoghurt
  • Chicken Masala
    Boneless chicken in spicy sauce
  • Kadai Chicken
    Chicken with tomato, onion and bell pepper
  • Chicken Makhanwala
    Chicken chunks in buttery tomato sauce
  • Ginger Chicken
    Boneless chicken cubes cooked with ginger, garlic, garam masala, tomatoes in a wok
  • Chicken Palak
    Skinless, boneless chicken with fresh spinach in special sauce
  • Tandoori Chicken
    Marinated chicken cooked in a clay oven
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    Marinated chicken cooked in a clay oven, in onion gravy with green pepper
  • Chicken Do Piaza
    Chicken cubes and diced onions in onion gravy
  • Murgh Saagwala
    Chunks of chicken with spinach sauce
  • Lajabab Chicken*
    Chicken stuffed with paneer in gravy sauce
  • Chicken Korma
    Chicken in creamy onion sauce
  • Lahori Murgh Chole
    Chicken cooked with chickpeas, seasoning and herbs

Lamb Entrees

  • Lamb Chops*
    Tender lamb chops marinated with herbs and freshly ground spices, skewered and grilled in a tandoor
  • Goat Curry*
    Cubed goat cooked in curry sauce
  • Gosht Chili Masala
    Lamb with hot chili peppers
  • Nargisi Kofta
    Lamb meatballs stuffed with hard-cooked eggs
  • Lamb Korma
    Lamb cubes in creamy onion sauce
  • Lamb Do Piaza
    Lamb with onions in onion gravy
  • Gosht Aloo
    Lamb cubes with potato
  • Boti Kabab
    Marinated boneless lamb cooked on skewers
  • Lamb Karahi
    Lamb stir-fried in a piquant sauce with onions
  • Keema Mattar
    Ground lamb with green peas
  • Goat Masala
    Tender pieces of goat with bones in spicy sauce
  • Kofta Kabab
    Seasoned minced-meat balls cooked in a tandoor
  • Lamb Saag
    Chunks of boneless lamb cooked with spinach in our select spices
  • Lamb Vindaloo
    Boneless leg of lamb cooked with potatoes in a special hot curry sauce
  • Lamb Kofta Curry
    Lamb balls in spicy gravy
  • Lamb Rogan Josh
    Lamb cubes in onion gravy
  • Chapli Kabab
    Hot and spicy lamb patty cooked on grill
  • Lamb Kabab
    Chunks of lamb with onions, tomatoes & green bell pepper

Seafood Entrees

  • Lahori Fried Fish
    A special treat originating in Lahore: Fish marinated in spices, then battered and deep fried
  • Shrimp Masala or Curry
    Jumbo shrimp cooked with onions, green peppers, cumin, cardamom and cinnamon
  • Shrimp Vindaloo
    Shrimp cooked with potatoes and served in an extra hot and spicy sauce
  • Taj Salmon Masala
    Fresh salmon cooked with lemon juice in a mildly spiced sauce
  • Bengali Salmon Curry
    Fresh salmon marinated in lemon juice, deep-fried, then cooked in a flavorful curry
  • Shrimp Masala
    Jumbo shrimp cooked with herbs and spice in chef's curry sauce
  • Fish Masala
    Chunks of salmon filet, cooked with herbs and spices in chef's special sauce


  • Sucha Dal
    Masoor dal cooked with onion and Indian spices
  • Dal Makani
    Black lentils cooked in butter with Indian spices
  • Dal Tarka
    Yellow lentils with spices, Gujarati style
  • Five-Jewel Dal
    Five different lentils cooked with Indian spices
  • Yellow Dal
    Yellow split peas cooked with onion, ginger and garlic

Paneer Entrees

  • Paneer Jalfrasie
    Paneer cooked with vegetables and spices
  • Paneer Korma
    Homemade cheese cooked with creamy onion sauce
  • Paneer Vindaloo
    Homemade cheese cooked with potatoes in a special hot curry sauce
  • Paneer Masala
    Homemade cheese cooked with green pepper, red pepper, onions, and spices
  • Matar Paneer
    Homemade cheese and green peas in tomato gravy
  • Saag Paneer
    Spinach and homemade cheese cooked with Indian spices
  • Shahi Paneer
    Homemade cheese in cream sauce
  • Paneer Kofta
    Cheese balls in spiced gravy
  • Paneer Ras Misai
    Paneer cubes cooked with spiced gravy
  • Malai Kofta
    Potatoes, carrots and cheese in creamy sauce
  • Paneer Korchan
    Cubes of homemade cheese in onions and creamy sauce
  • Paneer Gajar
    Baby carrots sauteed with paneer and Indian spices

Vegetable Entrees

  • Aloo Gobhi
    Cauliflower with potatoes and spices
  • Aloo Gobhi Mughlai
    Cauliflower with potato and almonds
  • Aloo Palak Channa
    Spinach cooked with onion gravy
  • Vegetable Kofta Curry
    Soft vegetable croquettes stuffed with nuts and simmered in a mild gravy
  • Chana Saag
    Chickpeas cooked with spinach simmered with mild spices
  • Chole
    Spiced chickpeas
  • Mixed Vegetable Bhaji
    Mixed vegetables with onion gravy
  • Baigan Hyderabadi
    Spiced eggplant puree
  • Aloo Mattar
    Potatoes and peas curry
  • Baigan Mirchi Ka Salan
    Indian eggplant cooked with green chili in spices
  • Baigan Bharta
    Spiced eggplant puree
  • Bhindi Masala
    Spiced okra with onions
  • Bombay Aloo
    Diced potatoes with sautéed onions, tomatoes, and peppers, spiced with ginger
  • Channa Masala
    Chickpeas cooked in spicy sauce with herbs
  • Chaunki Gobhi
    Cauliflower cooked with turmeric, cumin, fennel & onions
  • Chaunki Bhindi
    Okra cooked with turmeric, cumin, fennel & onions
  • Aloo Jeera
    Potatoes sauteed with cumin seeds and herbs
  • Eggplant Hyderabadi
    Miniature eggplants stuffed with spices
  • Mattar Mushroom
    Green peas and mushrooms cooked with Indian spices
  • Mattar Do Piaza
    Seasoned onions and green peas
  • Dum Aloo
    Baby potatoes cooked with Indian spices
  • Methi Aloo
    Potatoes with fenugreek leaves
  • Jeera Aloo
    Potatoes roasted with cumin seeds
  • Kala Channay
    Black chickpeas cooked with onions and Indian spices
  • Navratna Korma
    Mixed vegetables with creamy onion gravy
  • Gujrati Kadi
    Homemade yoghurt with chickpea flour
  • Panjabi Kadi
    Homemade yoghurt with chickpea flour and onion dumplings
  • Rajma Vadee
    Red kidney beans with spicy lentil dumplings
  • Sarson Ka Saag
    Buttered mustard greens cooked with various spices
  • Saag Maki Walla
    Creamy spinach cooked with corn
  • Saag Kofta
    Spinach balls cooked in onion gravy
  • Saag Aloo
    Spinach and potatoes cooked with Indian spices
  • Vegetable Jalfrasie
    Mixed vegetables
  • Vegetable Kofta
    Mixed vegetable balls in onion sauce

Rice Entrees

  • Basmati Rice
    Fragrant rice imported from India
  • Saffron Rice
    Steamed rice fragrant with saffron
  • Spicy Rice
    Basmati rice cooked with Indian spices
  • Mattar Pulao
    Rice with green peas
  • Kashmiri Pulao
    Rice with almonds, raisins and cashews
  • Vegetable Pulao
    Mixed vegetables cooked with rice and cumin
  • Green Herb Pulao
    Steamed rice with coriander or mint or spinach
  • Kofta Pulao
    Seasoned lamb meatballs cooked with rice
  • Navrattan Biryani
    Saffron basmati rice with fresh vegetables, herbs, and mild spices
  • Chicken Biryani
    Boneless chicken with spices, nuts and herbs in saffron basmati rice
  • Lamb Biryani
    Boneless lamb with spices, herbs, and nuts in saffron basmati rice
  • Shrimp Biryani*
    Basmati rice with shrimp and almonds
  • Tiringe Pulao
    Three mixed rice garnished with peas


  • Onion Kulcha
    Puffy bread stuffed with diced onion and spices
  • Aloo Paratha
    Potato-stuffed flatbread baked in a clay oven
  • Lacha Paratha
    Whole wheat flatbread baked with butter
  • Roti
    Whole wheat flatbread baked in a clay oven
  • Paratha
    Whole wheat bread cooked in clay oven
  • Tandoori Naan
    White flour yeast bread cooked in clay oven
  • Tawa Chapati
    Whole wheat flatbread prepared on a tawa


  • Achar
    Mixed pickle
  • Mango Chutney
    Mango cooked with sugar and vinegar chili
  • Papadum
    Sun-dried fried lentil crackers
  • Dahi Bhalla
    Lentil patties in yoghurt
  • Mint/Coriander Chutney
    Spicy herb sauce
  • Imli Chutney
    Sweet and spicy tamarind sauce
  • Plain Yoghurt
    Indian homemade yoghurt
  • Aloo Raita
    Chunks of potatoes with homemade yoghurt
  • Boondi Raita
    Homemade Yoghurt with small chickpea balls
  • Cucumber Raita
    Homemade yoghurt with shredded cucumbers
  • Katchumbar Raita
    Homemade yoghurt with tomatoes, cucumber, and red onions
  • Raita
    Shredded cucumber in spicy yoghurt
  • Fresh Cucumber Salad
    Freshly sliced cucumbers and crisp greens served with lemon
  • Green Salad
    Mixed vegetables served Indian style


  • Chilled Thandai
    Sweet chilled milk with mixed nuts
  • Lassi
    A typical North Indian refreshing thirst quencher, yogurt drink served sweet or salted
  • Mango Lassi
    Sweet yogurt drink with mango pulp
  • Masala Chai
    Indian style spiced tea


  • Gulab Jamun
    Golden balls in syrup scented with rose
  • Gajar Halwa
    Grated carrots cooked in milk with farmers cheese, honey, pistachios, and slivered almonds
  • Gajar Malai
    Grated carrots cooked in milk with farmers cheese, honey, pistachios, cashew pieces with pista and paneer
  • Kulfi
    Indian frozen dessert made with pistachio
  • Kheer
    Indian rice pudding with golden raisins
  • Ras Malai
    Cheese dumplings in a pistachio-flecked cream sauce
  • Baklava
    Filo pastry with walnuts and almonds
  • Other Indian Desserts
    Available per request
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